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The Power of Paying Attention

August 6, 2017

Mindfulness has become an over ONE BILLION dollar a year business with over 1000 apps generating 30 million dollars and downloaded over 6 million times. Those are daunting figures. Is mindfulness a fad or for real? Is helpful to a follower of Jesus or hurtful? These questions and others will be covered in this kick off message of Mindful Living. Breathe deep and click on the video!

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Receiving God’s Gift of Rest

What comes to mind when you read - Sabbath? Something religious or restrictive? What if Sabbath was a gift from God to help insure a mindful, rested, productive life? From the creation of the world God has given us the gift of supernatural rest. Discover in this talk what it is and how to benefit fully from His gift to you!


Breathing Lessons

On earth we breathe in oxygen, which feeds life and breathe out carbon dioxide which doesn’t. A lot of Mindfulness instruction has to do with guided breathing “now breathe in deeply for 4 seconds, hold it, out for 4 seconds.” It helps to be guided until you get the hang of it. Our spirits need to breathe as well. The oxygen of the spirit is the breath of God Himself and it’s closer than you think!