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Wild & Free

Holy Spirit, Our Helper (Campus Weekend)

May 1, 2022

Each campus pastor gave a message this past weekend explaining the power of having God Himself as our advocate!

Papillion Message - Cole Denne (audio)Midtown Message - Tim Hall (audio)Fremont Message - Robert Wilson (audio)

Full Series


Becoming a People of God's Presence

Who is the Spirit of God? Wild & Free is a series designed to reveal the person, power and presence of the Spirit of God as described in God’s Word and as one to be experienced increasingly in the lives of all who are willing. This first message begins with an explanation of the Spirit in the Old Testament where He is first revealed as the wind, breath and presence of God Himself.


Free to Love

When we say yes to Jesus, the wild and free Spirit of God comes to dwell in us. As amazing as this gift is, so many of us don’t understand how to partner with the Spirit to receive all He plans for us. The key to having and becoming all He desires for us is walking with the Spirit.