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September 29, 2013

Healthy Boundaries in Community.

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Good Form

In the exercise world, good form allows you to build strength while preventing injury. In our spiritual lives, forgiveness does the same. Learn how to develop an attitude of forgiveness that will strengthen our inner lives while also protecting us from the dangers of bitterness.


Conditioning Your Mind

Freedom is connected to the way we think. Every thought you have that contradicts what God thinks of you is an enemy of your freedom. In the exercise world, conditioning is very important for training for marathons and other exercise events. Confront the lies in your lives and recondition your thoughts to a kingdom mindset.


Snake Bit

Snake Salvation?! In the book of Numbers the Israelites were healed by looking at the poisonous snake on Moses' staff and not at themselves; caused by their own disobedience. In the book of John 3:14-18 Jesus BECAME poison. God gave his one and only son so we may "look to Him". Are you snake bit? In this message "snake bit", we clarify salvation through living God's way, not our own.