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Intersections 2014
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Your Intersection Invitation

May 11, 2014

The most significant relational intersections in our lives are: 1) God and you, 2) God and others and 3) You and others. Discover the amazing plan God has for each intersection of our lives. Also discover God's invitation for you to have His heart, hear His voice and follow His lead to be a part of others knowing Him in a personal and life changing way.

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Pausing to CELEBRATE

We have so much to CELEBRATE this weekend: from what God did through the Advance, to our future campus in Midtown and all of the renovation about to begin at our West Dodge Campus. Hear the story of all God is doing through Lifegate!


Learning to Care Enough to Ask

God most often reaches people through other willing people. You and I have an eternal part to play in helping others know Him. In our zeal, we often share more than we care. Learning how to care for people like Jesus cares can make a life of death difference in their lives. Learn how to make that difference.


The Power of a Story...Yours

Have you ever met someone who speaks Christianese? That is, super spiritual talk that doesn’t make sense to people in the world we live in. This message is designed to help you tell briefly, the most impacting story you have to tell: how Jesus changed you, and to do it without the distracting use of Christianese.


Confident at Decision Time