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Worth the Wait
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With Us While We Wait

December 12, 2021

We often assume that seasons of waiting mean that God is distant, distracted or disinterested. But, nothing could be further from the truth. In this message, we’ll discover how crazy close God is in the wait.

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Worn From the Wait

No one likes to wait and yet so much of life seems like one long delay. Because of this tension, most of us wrongly interpret what’s happening in the wait. We might think we’re unqualified or unnoticed. We may assume God has forgotten or overlooked us. The truth is, while we’re often worn from waiting, God’s goodness is at work in the process.


Willing to Wait

The entire Christmas story is about waiting. In contrast with last weeks character, Zachariah, who was “worn by the wait,” this talk focuses on Mary’s willingness to wait. Are there things in life worth waiting for? Where does waiting fit in God’s plan for those who choose to follow Him? Is there a way to wait willingly? This talk focuses on the power, process and rewards of being willing to wait on God.


What We've All Been Waiting For

Our lives are filled with many things we are forced to wait for and things we willingly choose to wait for. This message talks about the deep longing every person on Earth waits for: to know our Creator and to experience His love, forgiveness and peace. The Christmas narrative shows us how we wait can determine whether or not we experience what we have always waited for.


Don't Wait for Christmas to Open!

Christmas is all about waiting, anticipation and fulfillment yet after Christmas we can feel let down. The Wise men in the Christmas story reveal a secret that will change your Christmas and life forever. It has to do with a gift NOT that you receive but that you give.


Cultivating a Waiting Heart

Waiting can be more than an unexpected or invited season of life. As we look at Jesus's life, we see that waiting can actually be a practice we embrace in order to grow in God. In this message, we'll learn how to partner with the process of waiting by creating space in our lives to regularly wait on God.