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Winning the Battle for the High Ground

October 4, 2015

Did you know that you are in the middle of a battle? At Lifegate, we believe that the battle is real but the victory is ours. Discover that when we dress daily for battle, we are able to experience the victory Christ has won for us.

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We Thirst First for God

Have you ever been really thirsty? When we are really thirsty, our thirst occupies our full attention, our every thought and our deepest desire. Jesus invites each of us to experience an extraordinary life which only happens when we choose to be All In! Discover how to quench our greatest thirst by living a life that Thirsts First for God.


Seeking Second Place

We live in a world where being second, rather than first or living in someone’s shadow do not attract us. Being first in line, first selected for a team, first place in a contest however, do attract us. It might surprise you to learn an All In life, a life of fulfillment, purpose and peace is one lived in the shadow of someone else. I know, how could that even begin to make sense? This talk answers that question and invite you to be All In!


We are a Honoring Community

We live in a day and age where words like honor have lost their meaning. Being part of a true honoring community will change more than your words and actions, it will change your heart.


Releasing the Power of Unity

Unity is powerful. Unity is part of God’s nature which He invites all of us who are made in His image to experience. Everything is more impactful, productive when accomplished by those who are unified. This goes for marriages, businesses, families, governments and your church. Have you tapped in to the little known power of unity? Learn how in this talk.


Discovering Your Life's Work

When we first think of work, we think work is absurd, brutal or necessary. But God calls us to consider doing our work to the best of our ability, as if working for God. Discover how to give your freshest and your best and become All In for people!


Am I A Generous Person?

Am I a generous person? For many of us, if we ask ourselves this question, we realize that our generosity is more of an action than a lifestyle. Discover that a life of generosity begins with remembering God’s generosity towards us and sacrificially living and giving.


We Do Life Together

As We Do Life Together we discover that fellowship with other believers is dynamic and can life-changing and life-saving. Because we all a piece of Jesus that is unique, precious, and needed.  Remember… Together is better than alone!


Am I All In?