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For the Win
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When Quitting is Winning

May 28, 2017

Have you ever heard, “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”? In this second talk of the For the Win series you’ll discover that phrase is not always true. To be more accurate, according to Pastor Randy Ulmer, “Winners quit all the time. They just know WHAT to quit and WHEN to quit.” It’s it time for you to quit something or someone? Get ready to discover 3 truths that will help you answer that question and have the potential of changing your past, present and future for God’s best!

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From Afraid to Free

We all have fears don’t we? Have you ever noticed how some fears we have actually have (own) us? Learn how to unmask fear, diffuse it’s power and begin to live a Fear Free life!


Will I Ever Be Free From Sin’s Grip?

Lots of people believe we can’t help it when we sin. When asked if they could quit they almost always say, “of course not.” God has a different opinion. He not only wants us free from the penalty of sin but also free from its power to grip our lives. How? This talk will reveal God’s simple "freedom from sin plan" which every person who listens can apply today!


Here is Unacceptable

For anyone who has ever been stuck, Here is Unacceptable focuses on helping each person discover what’s holding them back from God’s “Win” in their individual and family lives. Practical, simple steps are given to help each person watching or listening to leave the unacceptable here in order to experience God’s acceptable present and future.


Fully Charged

In this the last of the For The Win series the focus is on the key to the each of truths of the series being lived: an external power source. In the same way that all of our smart phones are dependent on a regular electrical charge Christians are dependent on the power of God's Spirit to live for the win. Watch and learn just how to live a Fully Charged life!