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Everbody Wins

When Free Stuff is Really Free

April 10, 2016

No matter how many times we’ve seen it, “free gift” still catches our curiosity. Something in us longs to receive something with no strings attached. Is there such a thing in this life? This talk explains a gift you can’t earn and you can’t pay back. It’s a gift from God that is really free!

Full Series


When We Get Real

What’s underneath the suit? Pastor Mike Hintz shares his story of transparency and challenges us to answer the question: “What am I hiding and how do I get real?”


When Hearts Get Broken

Special guest Dr. Jack Sara from Palestine shares his story of brokenness and redemption.


When We Get in the Game

What if you thought you were going to go to heaven when you die but you really weren’t? Would you want someone to tell you? Jesus tells a story about people who think they know God but really don’t. They are observers of God’s Kingdom, but not full participants. This final talk of the Everybody Wins series helps you see if you’re in the game and if not, show you how you can be.