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What's Inside Will Spill Out

February 9, 2020

All of us get bumped by people, opinions, or politics that hurt or offend us. We live in a culture where the opportunities to get offended appear to be endless, especially in the world of social media. Jesus actually said that offense will increase drastically as we get closer to His return and has called us to be the least offended people on Earth, but how? In this two-week series we will talk about why we are offended and how we can be freed from the poisonous results of an offended heart.

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Unoffendable By Choice

Being bumped is inevitable in life. But the decision to live bumped or live free from the offenses of others is a choice which will influence every moment of our lives. In this talk we uncover the reason we are so easily and often offended, provide God’s answer to these offenses and discover His invitation to an unoffendable life of love and freedom.