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What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

November 8, 2020

Have you ever felt like quitting? Like all your reserves were exhausted? Like there was no hope? Then, you’re not alone, we all do and even Jesus felt this way. In a world where the problems we face are relentless and the bad news endless, God comes to our help to teach us how to rise up and keep from quitting as we welcome His breakthrough.

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Our Call to Action

Jesus’ most famous sermon is the Sermon on the Mount. It could be described as His "manifesto of the Kingdom of God" which He declared was now available to all. What does His teaching have to do with us? In a time of pandemics, politics and protests, the Sermon on the Mount is uniquely applicable today and actually offers what is so lacking in our world - followers of Jesus rising up to see His Kingdom come powerfully on Earth. This series introduction explains the Belief/Action Gap which is so prevalent among Christians and how Jesus helps us close the gap.


The Good Life is Closer Than You Think

Humanity has forever been after the good life. We’ve tried searching for it, voting for it and working toward it, but nothing we’ve done has quite met what we desire. In this message, we’ll discover Jesus’ definition of the good life and realize that it’s much closer than you think.


Our Call to Allegiance and Influence

Jesus declaration in the Beatitudes was that God’s rescue plan for the whole earth, was available to all through Jesus, the King. Many were attracted to the invitation but unaware of the commitment Jesus was calling them to. It’s a commitment of total allegiance and powerful influence. This talk will break down how Lifegate Church is uniquely endeavoring to fulfill our calling to be a people of allegiance to God and influence in our culture.


A People Led by the Light

In a time where there is such confusion and conflict, God calls His people to not think like everyone else thinks. "A People Led by the Light" focuses on the only credible source of light and clear direction in a dark landscape of opposing ideologies and conflicting medical reports. Together, with the light God provides, is the promise of a life of peace in the face of fear and confident hope in the face of an unknown future.


Standing Strong

This year has taught us all that life isn’t as stable as we might think. But what if the shakiness we’re experiencing is less about what’s happening in the world and more about what’s happening in our hearts? The good news is that Jesus offers us solid ground to stand on, even in the midst of chaos.


Recovering Our Vision of God

The Bible teaches us to do one of the most difficult things in times of great darkness, anxiety, stress and uncertainty - focus on Jesus and not our circumstances. We are living in such a time and God’s invitation is once again to “rise up” above what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, read on our devices or fear in our hearts and to recover our vision of God and with it His peace, presence and confidence no matter what we will face together.


Q&A Unifying Meeting

In this special message, Pastors Les and Micah field questions about the state of our country and where Lifegate fits in with our calling to Rise Up and be set apart for God.


From Fear to Love

When we feel rattled by fear, we often react with fight, flight or freeze. But, Jesus shows us a better way. He offers us an invitation from fear to love, in order to live free and shine bright in our world.