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3D: Three Dimensionally Gifted
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What Motivates You?

January 24, 2016

Have you ever met a really gifted person?  Have you thought of yourself as one? If not, it’s time to think that your are. God has gifted you uniquely with what could be described as super-powers which He has placed in you for your fulfillment and for the good of others. Discover what really motivates you and why.

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Your Gifted Trainers

Our God is a servant and He gifts everyone of His followers to serve others as well. Not only does He give us Super Powers (spiritual gifts) but He also provides Super Trainers whose job is to train us, unite us and mature us.  Meet your 5 trainers who can make an eternal difference in your 3-D life!


The Manifestation Gifts

Part of being Three Dimensionally Gifted is operating in the manifestation gifts of the Spirit. Learn how these gifts are supernatural tools that God intends all believers to possess, in order to fulfill His loving purposes in the world.