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What if Death Died?

April 5, 2015

What if something could happen today that changed everything for the good in your life? Hear news of something you may have never thought of: the death of death itself! Discover a new way of playing rock, scissors, paper that has eternal impact on your life!

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Jesus tells a religious leader that his religious activities were not enough to enter God’s Kingdom and eventually go to heaven. Instead, he tells him to do something that sounds impossible: Be BORN all over AGAIN!  Sound Crazy?! If going to church, being good, giving, cleaning up your language isn’t what God is looking for, what is? Watch and discover how each of us can become brand new!


Bad News, Good News

One of the critiques of the information age is that “we know a lot but understand a little." Many of us get a basic knowledge of the gospel (“Jesus died so we could be forgiven,”) we put our faith in that, and then quickly move on to whatever is most urgent or interesting. Many know the story of Jesus, but the Gospel hasn’t sunk deep inside of us in a way that’s changed us. Discover that you’re more sinful than you think and more loved than you know.