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Think Local - November 2016
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West Dodge - What Does God Expect From Me? A Verse To Live By.

November 27, 2016

Ever wondered what God really expects from you as His child?  Learn what it means to live life in Jesus and see how living out one verse in your daily life could position you for God to bless you and those you are around!

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Midtown - How To Be A Christian

In a world that’s highly skeptical of the “Christian” label, it’s important for us to go back to the basics of what it truly means to be a Christian. What are the essentials that Jesus called us to, and what characteristics have added in along the way? In this message, we’ll discuss the value of applying Jesus’s basic teachings to our lives, so that we can live authentically Christian lives, and hopefully point others to the the Giver of hope, life, and peace.


Papillion - Worship Workshop

Why do we sing songs for worship? Have you ever wondered that? Listen in to find out not only why we worship the way we do, but where we feel God is leading us in this expression in the days ahead.