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Thirst 2018
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We Thirst First For God

December 31, 2017

Want 2018 to be your best year ever? Hear how to enhance your pursuit of Jesus through prayer, fasting, and spending time in the Word.

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How to experience breakthrough in your life in 2018

2018 is a year of breaking out. What does that mean and what does that look like in your life? Listen in and find out.


Are You Thirsty?

God is interested in your thirst. Spiritual thirst that is. Jesus offered “living water” to anyone who would receive it, for free! What is living water? Why does it satisfy a person so they don’t thirst any more? This talk will answer these questions and others that have the potential of changing your life forever! <a class="shadow-button" href="https://s3.amazonaws.com/lifegatechurch/media/messages/pdf/2018/DehydrationList_2018.pdf">Dehydration List</a>


Thirst First For God

Thirsting for God above everything else in our lives puts us on a path to a fulfilling and powerful life. This thirst isn’t automatic - it requires diligence. Learn from special guest and friend Pastor David Perkins from Radiant Church in Kansas City as he shares four key principles to keeping our desire for God the most intense part of our lives.


Stay Awake

Keeping our spirits aligned with God in a distraction-filled life is hard work. Pastor Lee Cummings (Radiant Church - Kalamazoo, MI) walks through six key principles that will renew your focus and passion for Christ as you live out your faith. This is the first evening session from our Thirst 2018 Conference.


Discovering the Fulness of the Spirit-Filled Life

Our relationship with God was never meant to be static. It’s a dynamic, progressing relationship that takes us beyond safety and comfort but doesn’t strand us in the land of boredom. There is MORE OF GOD for you to experience and this “more” is the Holy Spirit. He wants to fill you and empower you to live a life beyond your natural ability for the glory of God.


Prophetic Calling to the Church Today

We live in a time where everything is being shaken in our world. Instead of viewing this as a disaster for the church Lee encourages us to see this shaking as an opportunity for a new awakening of God’s people. Our world needs influencers in every area of society who are committed to Jesus and share the same call given to Gideon to live lives that are “altars” of worship to God.