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Presbytery 2018

Understanding Prophetic Presbytery

September 23, 2018

Each year at Lifegate we set apart a portion of 3 days to hear from God together in something we call Prophetic Presbytery. For many, it is the most impactful experience they have ever had with God. Some may shy away when they read “prophetic” but don’t have to. This talk unpacks just what Prophetic Presbytery is along with our promise that it will be weird free! <a class="shadow-button" href="https://discoverlifegate.com/presbytery-candidates-2018/">CANDIDATES - 2018</a> <a class="shadow-button" href="https://discoverlifegate.com/presbytery-2018-words-in-season/">WORDS IN SEASON - 2018</a>

Full Series

This is a one part series.