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To You, With Love, From God

October 27, 2019

Jesus not only gives us a brand new life, He also promises to give us supernatural power to follow Him, live the life He lived and do the things He did. He does this by something the Bible calls baptizing us in His Spirit. This talk unpacks an often misunderstood provision that is the only means God has given us to a live a life of power, impact, victory and purity and offers the opportunity for the hearer to experience this ancient but fresh baptism.

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Life's Ultimate Do-Over

Have you ever wished you could have a second chance in life, the ability to turn back time or results and have a “do-over?” It might involve words you said, things you did or didn’t do that have had less than positive and in some cases, disastrous results. Perhaps you’d choose a relationship that you could do over without the harsh words or painful breakup. Warning: This series is about God’s offer of a “total life do-over” has the potential to blow your mind and recreate your life - for good!


Why Your Faith Might Not Be Working

Everyone uses keys whether it’s the traditional type, a fob, a password to your computer, phone, bank account or a garage keypad. Keys matter so much we try to guard them diligently. If you use the wrong key, the results can be frustrating at the least and devastating at the worst. The Bible is our Life manual and God’s love letter to us. In it He has revealed the key that opens you and I up to a brand new life and this talk will help you discover whether you’ve found His key and if not, how you can.


Learning to be God's Friend

When a person hands over all the keys of their life to God they also hand over any religiosity that held them. God’s gift to us is not a new religion but a brand new relationship that He describes as a friendship. This is incredible when you stop to think about who we can now call friend! But how does a person grow a friendship with someone they can’t see or touch? This talk will reveal the three simple essentials to growing a vibrant friendship with Jesus!


Breathing Brand New

God has great plans for every one who has become His brand new friend, daughter, and son. He has recorded these in a book called the Bible. Many people respect the Bible as a Holy book but don’t realize it’s God’s Love Letter to those who follow Jesus and releases Life to anyone who would read it with an open heart. This talk is designed to help you see God’s Word as His gift to help us know Him and experience Him in our daily lives.


All In

Baptism is more than a strange, ancient practice. It’s actually an important part of our journey with Jesus that communicates we are all in! In this message, we’ll discover the significance of baptism and why every believer should take this critical step of faith.