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White Christmas
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Through Jesus' Eyes and Heart

December 15, 2013

Jesus shows us the Secret to forgiving others but few know it and those who do doubt they can do it. This is the secret to becoming the most joyous, fulfilled, peace-filled person you know - by choosing Christ's secret to forgiving.

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Angry Birds and Snowglobes

Christmas is supposed to focus on good news but too often highlights some of life's greatest hurts and losses. A romanticized view of "Dreaming of a White Christmas" can often add to the agony. This talk is the start of a three week series to show how God's gift to each of us can turn our lives from the tension of Angry Birds to the peace and freedom often only seen in holiday snow globes.


The Ghosts of Christmas Past

A struggle which people almost universally experience when it comes to forgiveness is: even if I can forgive others, I can't forgive myself of the things I've done. This reality, like a ghost, haunts them every day of their lives ... that is until they choose to believe God and instantly be set free. Learn how to be set free from the ghosts of our past through the truth Jesus alone offers.


Miraculum - Lifegate Christmas 2013

Miraculum - Christmas Eve Opening Number