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Think Local - West Dodge - Week 1

June 5, 2016

When it comes to influencing those around us for Jesus, sometimes we think we need to be experts. In this talk, Pastor Brian Demmel shares how to recognize those who God has placed in our spheres of influence and how to sow seeds into their lives. When it comes to sharing our faith, there are no experts and just because we may not pray with someone to receive the Lord, it doesn’t mean we haven’t helped them take a next step in their journey towards God.

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Think Local - Papillion - Week 1

The greatest way to change our community is not by sharing our faith. Only when we realize this and put into practice God’s strategy for changing the world, will we see real change.


Think Local - Midtown - Week 1

Every follower of Jesus has been given assignment by God to help point people to Jesus. Learn how to engage our influence in a way that’s authentic and helps people see the true love of God.


Think Local - West Dodge - Week 2

In our second week of “Think Local”, we were challenged to consider: who in my locale can I invest into spiritually and who could invest into me spiritually? As we grow in our relationship with Jesus and learn how to follow Him, we are to encourage others to follow Him and fulfill Jesus’ mandate of making disciples.


Think Local - Papillion - Week 2

If we are going to change the world with the love that God has put in our hearts, then Pastor Mike Hintz teaches that we might want to come up with one really bad idea.


Think Local - Midtown - Week 2

Many times as Christians, we want to help our world see who God is, but we don’t know how to go about it. In this message with Pastor Micah Eldridge, we’ll discover the impact of doing good so others can see God.


Think Local - West Dodge - Week 3

No Compromise. We live in a culture where negotiations, concessions and compromise are a way of life. As we journey back in Scripture, let’s take a lesson from 4 young people who lived in a secular, pagan culture much like ours today. As we examine the pressure that they faced, we see their trust, faith and non-compromising attitude that inspires us still today. God is raising up a people who will live a life of NO COMPROMISE!


Think Local - Midtown - Week 3

When it comes to influencing those around us for Jesus, you don’t have to be an expert. Learn to recognize those who God has placed in our life to sow seeds into.


Think Local - Papillion - Week 3

How does God really intend for us to share our faith? What does the word “faith” actually mean? Like is changing quickly and the world is not the world your parents grew up in. Listen in and see how Christian faith is practically shared in our modern day world.