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The Solution to Racism (Clip)

May 31, 2020

In this clip from the "Love in All Things" message, Pastor Micah addresses the ongoing racial tension in our country and points us back to the One who heals.

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Becoming Love

In following and practicing the Way of Jesus, our hearts are revived, love comes alive and we discover a life that is better. But a life that’s better starts with knowing what we’re growing towards. In this message, we’ll unpack the ultimate end goal of life with God and the transformative power of His love.


The Way of Jesus

We all have routines and habits that we practice on a daily basis. What we often don’t realize is that many of these are routines that are shaping us more than we know. In order to have the fullness of life Jesus offers, we must embrace the lifestyle Jesus lived. In this message, we’ll learn the value of patterning our lives after the Way of Jesus.


Roots: Experiencing the Practices of Jesus

God’s invitation since the creation of the world has been to plant our roots in His unconditional love expressed in the gift of His son and seen in the Ways of Jesus. Beginning to learn the Way of Jesus first requires us to know whether we are rooted in His love or in most cases, rooted in fear. When we do this, we can then discover the fulfillment and peace that become ours when we say “yes” to His offer, and to “keep company” with Him.


The Way of Jesus in the Everyday

In this special Mother’s Day conversation, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of practicing the Way of Jesus in our everyday lives.


Unforced Rhythms of Grace

If the goal of relationship with Jesus is to experience and become love, then how do we see this happen in our lives? In this message, we learn how to build rhythms and routines into our lives that will position us in God’s transforming power and love.


Practicing a Life Rooted in Rest

The Way of Jesus has historically been called the Rule (or support trellis) of Life. The first practice of this “better than before” way is: The Gift of God’s Sabbath rhythm. This talk will help you re-focus your sabbath mindset from the "don't do's" to the "get to's" in order to experience a life rooted in rest and not stress!


Love in All Things

Often, our attempts to mature in our journey with Jesus are stunted because we don’t realize how to invite Jesus into every area of our lives. In this message, we’ll see how spiritual practices related to our bodies and souls actually mature us into people of love.


Jesus & Justice

Josh Dotzler, CEO of Abide Omaha, shares about the social justice issues we are facing as a country. He gives us some practical steps and solutions to combat these issues by looking at the Way of Jesus. In desperate times like ours, Jesus’ greatest commandment rings louder than ever and has the power to make us better than before.be


Before We Can Love Well

The end goal of this series is becoming love by practicing the Way of Jesus in this confused, desperate world. In this talk, we discover we must first check the blind spots of our eyesight to acknowledge what we can't see, before we can truly love others. When we are willing to do this self-evaluation, we are on our way to becoming Jesus' love towards others.


Trusting and Surrendering

Ten-year NFL veteran Danny Woodhead shares his personal journey from humble beginnings to NFL Running Back. He explains the numerous times in his career where he chose to trust the Way of Jesus to get him through the trials he was facing and emerge better than before.


Living a Life of Love

Jesus’ call to live a life of love is one that we quickly discover is impossible without out the supernatural ability God alone can give. In a world of increasing turmoil there are fierce allegiances, battle lines drawn by nearly everyone to defend the right view, right truth, right argument and right answer. The only way through is by following the Jesus Way. This concluding message of the Better series is designed to help you live a life of supernatural love.