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The Best Christmas Ever
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The Pace We Embrace

December 13, 2015

What's your pace at Christmas? You ask yourself, "Do I even have a choice?" Most would say frantic and pressed. Pulling out of Christmas may not be realistic but there is a pace you can choose above the press. It's a pace God gives as a gift to all who will receive it.

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It's All About the Gifts We Give

There are certain moments in our lives that should get better with each progressing year, including Christmas. The Best Christmas Ever has everything to do with the gifts we give but nothing to do with the money we spend. Discover that The Best Christmas Ever can happen when we see and receive God’s undeserved favor, Embrace Jesus’ words that giving beats getting and give what money can’t buy to those who don’t already have.


The Story We Believe

Much like there are many differing stories about Santa and other Christmas traditions, our world is also filled with many differing stories about who God is and what He’s up to in our lives. The best Christmas Ever happens when we believe the real story about God. Learn the importance of believing God’s story about Himself, as He tells it through His son, Jesus. And then, when we believe His version of the story, we can receive His version of our lives!