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Think Local - July 2018
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The Expectation Gap

July 1, 2018

Think Local - Pastor Brian Demmel - West Dodge Campus</p> Have you ever been disappointed? Disappointment comes when there is a gap between what we expect and what actually happens in our lives. Learn how to anticipate the real and give up the "ideal" to God.

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What is your can’t?

An inspirational story from our Papillion Campus Pastor and how God changes can’t into can.


Hospitality in a Hostile World

Our apologies, there was an issue recording Pastor Micah and the first part of his message is not included. But we still wanted you to be able to hear what he says! One thing everyone can agree on is that the world is pretty divided these days. Political battles, religious wars, and social media debates have become the norm. So, how should Christians, as followers of the Prince of Peace, respond? In this message, we’ll learn about the ancient Christian practice of hospitality, and how it can be used in our lives to help heal a broken world.