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The Baptism of Fire

May 19, 2013

John the Baptizer said Jesus would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and Fire. This Baptism is seldom taught about and less understood but is one of the most important maturing baptisms of a Christian's walk. Learn how to receive fully and gladly Jesus' Baptism of FIRE!

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Necessary Endings

Repentance is often seen as a negative, tear filled part of getting saved, and that's it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn repentance is a gift God gives to help experience a Life-filled relationship with Him!


The Only Place to Build

We're all tempted to build our lives on things other than God. Learn about the importance Jesus placed on building our lives only on faith in God in order to weather the storms of life.


The Four Baptisms

God has called us to be first baptized (or fully immersed) into the Body of Christ and welcomed into the family of God. He then commands us to to be baptized into water letting the world know that we belong to Jesus!


Working with Oily Hands

We tend to admire things that are "Made by Hand." See how much Jesus did by hand and how He has placed Storm Proofing ability in each of our hands to use for others!


One Thing that Changes Everything

Learn about the ONE thing in the face of LIFE's struggles, losses and even death itself which is the ONLY THING that will keep you Storm Proof.


Preparing for Your Judgement Day

This message deals with the three types of judgement expressed in the Bible. Judgement day tends to be a frightening subject, but it doesn't have to be. Learn that God has made a way for us all to be exempted, confident and free as we prepare for our own judgement.