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Think Local - November 29 2020
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The Ancient Practice of Lament - Papillion

November 29, 2020

We all experience pain. 2020 has been a hard year full of grief and pain. Pain left unexpressed can keep us from moving forward in our relationship with Jesus. As we learn the spiritual discipline of lament, we learn to walk on the bridge between God’s sovereignty and the hardships and disappointments we face on Earth.

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The Ancient Practice of Lament - West Dodge

2020 has been a year filled with a variety of emotions, feelings and experiences. Most (if not all) people have experienced loss in some form and many are left feeling hurt and hopeless. Learn how the ancient practice of lamenting and the release of grief can position you to be restored and to be filled with hope by the God of hope.


The Ancient Practice of Lament - Midtown

We have been in a year of trouble; great challenge, loss, change, and uncertainty. For many of us, it’s intensified the difficult situations and circumstances we were facing individually along with the added weight of collective grief. If we can learn to practice the ancient tradition of lament, our grief and loss create an opportunity to lead us into deeper relationship with Jesus and give us greater love for those around us.