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I Am Not a Machine
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Stick It To The Man

April 29, 2018

We often think of Sabbath as a Sunday afternoon nap, or maybe even a boring way to spend a weekend. But it’s so much more than that! Did you know that Sabbath is an act of resistance, a path of freedom from slavery? When we choose to rest in God, we choose to stand against the demands our culture puts on us. We hope this message inspires you to take a radical step of freedom, into a Sabbath lifestyle.

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I Am Not A Machine

We are not machines, we are made in the image of God who stopped on the 7th day from all his creative work to rest and delight in all He had made. Just like Him, we are to work six days and truly rest on the seventh - a day when time slows and becomes full of possibilities. Learn as Pastor Les describes sabbath, how important and life-giving it is and that no matter what our weekly schedules are like, we can be flexible and creative as we live a sabbath lifestyle.


The Healing Power of Sabbath

In this series, we’ve learned that Sabbath is a time of rest as well as a statement of resistance against the demands that press against us. In this message, we’ll see how Sabbath is also a source of restoration. Life can be hard and we can get beat up along the way. Let’s learn together how Jesus, the Lord of Sabbath, invites us to carve out time in our busy lives to be restored by His presence.