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Speechless in Light of Your Courage

December 8, 2019

Christmas is a time of wonder and awe, especially for children. Seeing the surprise on their faces and sounds of excitement are a delight to behold. Christmas is also a time of harsh realities - both the first one and all subsequent ones, but God has not left us without hope. In this series we will touch on the courage, humility, generosity and love which God has given as gifts to the original Christmas and still gives today. May this week leave you speechless in light of the gift of courage!

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Speechless in Light of Your Humility

Have you ever thought of God as humble? Most describe Him as powerful and sovereign, but not humble. If we look at the Christmas story with a fresh perspective, we clearly see the humility of God. In this message, we will discover how God’s act of humility shows us the path to an abundant life.