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Roots & Fruit
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Rebellious Roots/Obedient Roots

June 21, 2015

As we examine the roots in our lives, we consider the roots that are either obedient or rebellious. The life of John the Baptist challenges us to redefine obedience, not by the law but in love. Discover that a life of obedient roots produces love-filled fruit.

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Roots & Fruit

Each day we are planting seeds that take root. We have good roots or we have bad roots which in return will produce fruit. Discover what type of roots you have: how you can continue to nourish a good root and how to get rid of the bad roots.


Bitter Roots

The message of Bitter Roots is all about examining the fruit that we see in our lives and tracing it back to either good or bad seeds that have taken root in our heart. The enemy, Satan, often uses the root of offense to make us bitter, resentful and therefore we stay in a state of unforgiveness to those who have hurt us. Jesus is clear in Scripture of the blessing of releasing and forgiving others and the devastating consequences of remaining in unforgiveness.


Roots of Rejection/Roots of Acceptance

Learn about the destructive power of rejection in our lives, and how God comes to convince us we are accepted and loved in Christ.


Better Roots - A Christian's Response to our World

Our society and culture are ever changing. How should a Christian being faithful to God's Word respond to these changes? Examine the roots of a ruler, refugee, and regent and how each reflect possible attitudes within the Body of Christ.


Religious Roots

Identify the effects of religious roots and discover the difference between aiming to please God and truly knowing Him.