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Positioned to Prosper
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Positioned to Prosper Part 4: Positioned Under God's Promises

February 24, 2013

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Positioned to Prosper Part 1: Giving Yourself Permission

Our culture has a difficult time celebrating success. In contrast, God's plan is to prosper His children. Learn how necessary it is to give yourself permission to experience God's favor and then how to position yourself to receive His plans for your life.


Positioned to Prosper Part 2: Being Friends with God

What positioned Abraham to prosper? James 2:23 says that Abraham was called God's friend. See how friends of God relate to Him and that favor follows friendship.


Positioned to Prosper Part 3: The Path of the Prosperous

Life is pretty simple ... the choices you make determine your outcome. Hear how the Bible can lead you into the best life ever, if you choose to follow what it teaches.


Positioned to Prosper Part 5: Learning to Turn on a Dime

What can a person get of any value for a dime? You might be surprised when God is part of the equation. Learn the power of Spiritual Algebra and how your life can turn - on a dime!