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Outrageous Hope

February 2, 2014

This Outrageous series is about learning how to be good at being rich. You’re saying, “then it’s not for me, ‘cause I’m certainly not rich!” Let’s just say, in the event you could be one day, what are the negative side effects of riches and how can a person be really good at being rich? This will show you how.

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Outrageous Impact

Generosity is a condition of your heart and not a condition of your circumstances. II Corinthians 8:1-5 reveals insights for reconditioning our hearts to live a lifestyle of generosity.


Outrageous Lifestyles

Did you know that $ signs don’t move God but % signs do. If you and I are going to be really good at being rich, should we ever find ourselves to be in that state, then there are some powerful choices you should know about that this talk help you discover and apply.


Outrageous Economics

This is the talk where most who listen discover they are richer than they ever thought they would be. Laugh as you hear the list of rich people problems covered and then be inspired to discover the power and impact of being rich toward God.