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Think Local - May 5, 2019
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New Life. Now What?

May 5, 2019

Discovering life in Jesus is a dynamic, life-changing event. It can also be challenging and overwhelming, depending on who you talk to. Discover how the New Birth is all about you pursuing Jesus and experiencing the freedom only found in a relationship with Him!

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Behind the Dunk – Why We do Baptism

Listen in as Pastor Mike Hintz takes us on a 4000 year journey of why we baptize and how it is more than just a physical act.


Faith in the Storm

We often begin our life with Jesus full of faith and excited about what’s ahead. But inevitably, as we journey with Jesus, storms arise. Doubts, crisis, and questions come crashing into our lives and it’s in the those season when we’re often tempted to drift from God. In this message, we’ll learn how to find Jesus in the storm and what that can mean for us as we journey with him.