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Neighbors God Hand Picks

March 31, 2019

When Jesus calls us to love our neighbor, most of us would like to choose which neighbor, but God has something else in mind. God actually handpicks three groups of neighbors for us who we might not easily notice or for that matter ever pick for ourselves. Who these neighbors are and just how to love them effectively is the focus of this talk.

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Becoming an Inviting Person

All of our lives invite people to something or someone. What we talk about often reveals the focus of our invitations. If we talk about our weight loss, we invite people to weight loss. If we talk about our investments, we invite people to consider investing. If we talk about essential oils, we invite others to consider the benefits. If we talk about our political fears, we invite people to join us in them. When Jesus changes a life he calls us to become His Living Invitations to Life in Him. Becoming His invitation is often misunderstood and frankly intimidating. This series will teach how to become an inviting person who attracts people to the Jesus we love.


Discovering God's Splendid Table

We can read the Bible for years and miss how important meals are to God. They were created to be beautiful expressions of friendship, grace, community and the Kingdom. God knows how to set a splendid table and wants to invite us to learn how easy it is to share a meal with others as one of our life’s most powerful invitations.


Hospitality in a Hostile World

We live in a deeply divided world where most people are either looking for a fight or looking exhausted by the drama. Unfortunately, neither of those responses will help the growing hostility in our world. However, there is an ancient practice brought on the scene by the very first generation of Christians that has the potential to help us heal our broken world. In this message, we’ll discover the genius of radically ordinary hospitality and how it can be used to bring grace to a hostile world.


Irresistible Invitations

John Maxwell, leadership expert, has said that any goal can be realized by applying the “Rule of 5.” When it comes to becoming an invitation to the Life Jesus offers, who is irresistible, applying this rule can have profound results. In this talk you’ll learn to follow the example of a widow who applied the rule and will see how you can do the same.