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For Your Own Good
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Navigating the Authority Maze

August 15, 2021

Authority can be a very confusing concept, especially when it is expressed through imperfect people. Is there a way of making sense of it all? God has clearly laid out 4 expressions of His authority and the blessing they are assigned to be to those under them.

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Deciding Who's In Charge

"When most people hear “submission to authority” it doesn’t inspire the most positive emotions or willing thoughts. Authority has become synonymous with “abuse,” “domination,” “crooked," "power-hungry” and “not to be trusted." The mere mention of the word puts us on alert. God never intended this to be. In this series, For Your Own Good, we will discover God’s original plan for authority, how he shares His authority and how to navigate imperfect people in positions of authority over us - all for our own good. It all begins with a decision of who we choose to be in charge."


Submitting to Imperfect Authority

One of the most difficult realities we face in delegated authorities is that they are imperfect! Because of these imperfections, we may have been hurt by such an authority in the past and don't want to risk getting wounded again. God is aware of this when He chose to establish delegated authority and wants to impart wisdom in this talk as we all face the great challenge of Submitting to Imperfect Authority.


When to Submissively Disobey

God’s Word is filled with principles that appear to be in tension, but in reality, are balancing and completing truths. God calls us to submit and obey all delegated authority. The balancing truth is, at certain times He calls us to submissively disobey delegated authority. How will we know the difference and what do we do when we get to that point? This final talk in For Your Own Good series will challenge your thinking and encourage your submission to obey or to disobey.