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Love Can Unbind Us

April 30, 2017

Pastor Myron Pierce from Mission Church joins Lifegate to share from his own life experience three ways love can unbind us. He talks about how Jesus welcomes the unwanted, pursues the priceless and rejoices over the repentant!

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Love Can Define Us

As Christians, love not only CAN define us, it SHOULD define us! Once you have experienced first-hand the incredible, powerful, unconditional love of God, you can’t contain it to yourself. You’re compelled to “go public!”


Love Can Break Walls

Acts of kindness can break down walls. When we choose to cross walls of racial differences, ethnic disputes, gender separations and religious differences God moves in powerful ways as individual lives are changed.


Love Can Do Anything

Love. Love always puts others first. Love doesn’t back down from the impossible. Love has limitless endurance, no end to its trust or hope. Imagine if we had this kind of love, the love that Jesus is. In this sermon Pastor Les talks about the lessons on love from a mom. How she is valuable, persistent, respectful but demanding of God, she is praised by God and admired by man.