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Your Will Be Done
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Life in the Center of God's Will

October 26, 2014

Knowing and doing the will of God is so much more about Relationship with
 God than it is about Rules and Regulations. But how is a person supposed to know the difference? This talk will cover the remaining balancing insights that will give you a helpful Life-Giving way to face life with it’s joys and challenges with the confidence of knowing you are in the center of God’s will.

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Get Me Out of This Maze!

Utter the words: "Your Will Be Done" in almost any setting or language and people will have some idea that this is part of a famous prayer. But, what does it mean?  The subject of God’s will can sometimes feel like a huge maze that we must navigate perfectly or get punished for failing at. Discover God’s will for you is good and He wants you to experience it fully.


Discovering TRUE North

So far in this series we’ve discovered God’s Will For You is Good. Whereas, that might be true, most of us would say, “But it’s sure not easy to figure out!” The will of God is easier to discover than most realize but it requires a shift in your thinking from God’s “blueprint will” to God’s “compass will.” What are these you ask? As you watch and learn, you’ll be encouraged and on your way to discovering God’s will for your life!