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Finding Heaven
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Letting THEN Transform Your NOW

August 19, 2018

Believe it or not, what human beings believe about the future (then) influences how we live in the now. God has designed us to be inspired by life after this life. How? Watch and learn about the gift of Heaven’s Hope available to all!

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It Helps To Know Where You're Going

Often people don’t have good thoughts about heaven because they have inaccurate information. When you think about heaven is it a place of peace, productive purpose, family and friends, adventure and God or is it a boring place with all the fun going down in a warmer location that ends with “LL.” This series is designed to not only inform you but inspire and blow your mind on the whole subject of heaven.


Why Look Forward to Heaven?

Heaven gets mixed reviews. Unfortunately we often have a view we have created which is less than accurate. The Bible has nothing but good things to say about heaven and so does Jesus who resides there and is preparing a place for us there. This talk exposes popular but wrong thoughts about heaven and then gives an accurate and compelling pre-view.