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Beyond Blessed
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Letting Jesus Navigate

March 1, 2020

Can you imagine life without Google Maps? Most of us wouldn’t know how to get anywhere! God wants to guide your journey with possessions and money and it’s wise to ask Him to navigate. This talk will explain the safe, solid, scenic and blessed road through life as God's stewards, as well as exposing the dangerous ditches which most people find themselves in. But even if you’re in one of the ditches, it’s never impossible or too late to get back on the beyond blessed road.

Full Series


Living Beyond Blessed

How would you describe living a live that is blessed? Having a happy and healthy family? Moving up the corporate ladder in your career field or reaching certain financial goals? In this first installment of a four-week series, Pastor Micah explains that although God owns all of creation, He gives us the honor of stewarding it for Him. We begin to live a life that is “Beyond Blessed” when we align ourselves with the heart and purposes of the Owner: God.


Guardrails on the Blessed Path

The prosperity gospel, also known as materialism, is a distortion of provision, attempting to convince us that ultimate happiness lies in earthly riches. In this message, we’ll learn what Jesus has to say about our wealth and how we can stay simple, content, and connected to Jesus whether we have a lot or a little.