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The Art of Being Human
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Let Your Life Speak

February 4, 2018

What am I supposed to DO with my life? Is God speaking to me? How do I hear Him?mHow do I know? Or, does He only “call” ministers and the rest of us just have to figure it out? This message will address these common questions and more. We’ll continue to explore the Art of Being Human and how that relates to your unique calling. We’ll discover what His calling looks like and we’ll learn how to listen for it. You’ll be encouraged to know that God is using your life to speak, all you have to do is listen!

Full Series


The Creation Project

Have you ever wondered what you’re made for? The Art of Being Human teaching series will dive into this all-important question. In this first message of the series, we’ll go back to the Garden of Eden to discover why God made us and how to live out our primary purpose today!


Making Peace With Work

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with work. We love getting paid but hate having to work. What if we could actually have a peace about our work? God gives us some ways that we can delight in our work.


Glory to God Alone

When we hear the word “glory" it may remind us of religious images, of halos and angels but probably not of work. Glory in essence is experiencing God’s presence and His beauty in jaw-dropping ways anywhere, at any time. In this talk you’ll learn how God has actually invited us to partner with Him as representatives of His glory at work, rest and play.


Work Like God

As we wrap up this series, it’s time we address the “curse of work” and how Jesus comes to meet us in the struggle. In this message, we’ll look at the life of Jesus and how he modeled the “what”, “why”, and “how” of work. And as we learn from his example, we’ll grasp what it means to work like God.