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Let Me Introduce You to You

June 13, 2021

Who am I? This is life's most universal and defining question, and how we answer it can show us our identity. In a world where people “identify” with so many causes, where value and recognition is rewarded to those who wear, say, post or do the “acceptable” thing, the answer to the simple question of "who am I?" can be anything but simple. In this first of 3 talks in the Convinced series we’ll discover the source of Jesus’ identity and in turn, the source of ours as well.

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Learning to Make Up Our Minds

In a world where our identities are vulnerable to theft and misuse, we find ourselves going to great lengths to protect them. And yet, when it comes to our ultimate and spiritual identity, many of us are being robbed blind without a clue that it’s happening. The answer to guarding our priceless identities as those loved by God and pleasing to Him? A simple choice to make up our minds.


Dying to Live Our New Identity

Learning to live from our identity in Christ is a journey of transformation that demands a commitment to believe and set our life’s focus on what God has revealed to us. In this concluding talk in the Convinced series, Pastor Les invites us to embrace the key to living our new identity: our own death!