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Lessons on Life from David's Death - Part 2

August 21, 2016

David’s death doesn’t deserve the attention and dignity it deserves, neither did Jesus’ death. In this the last talk of the Everyday King series the listener will learn the genius and care of God hidden in each death filled situation we face on a daily basis or as we face the deaths of those we love and even or our own death. David’s last lesson on life emerges from his death in order to benefit us all.

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Throwing Stones

As we look into the story of David we discover that our humanity is both common and divine. God doesn’t always pull us out of the everyday, but rather joins us in it. In this first week of our <em>Everyday King</em> series, we gain insight on how to find and establish our truest identity.


More than a Story

When we think about the life of King David we can easily make the mistake of knowing the events of his life but missing who he is. Pastor Mike gives us insight into King David beyond the events of his life.


From the Call to the Cave

We look at David’s life while he is on the run from King Saul. We see David choosing to honor imperfect authority, waiting on God’s timing for his life and finding God in the midst of it all.


Dangerous Religion

It is fatal to try to manage God but LIFE to let Him care for you.



David and Jonathan’s relationship has defined true “friendship” for over 3,000 years. In a society and culture where friendship has been reduced to “likes” and “dislikes” on social media, we look again at what made their friendship so unique, and how it points to our dearest and most faithful friend, the Lord Jesus!


Learning to Love Like David

Discover that David, the everyday King had a love unlike any other king. If you’ve ever been dropped and hurt physically, emotionally or spiritually this talk invites you to heal and take the risk of loving again.


Lessons on Life from David's Death - Part 1

By looking at the death of King David, we see how some view death as a problem to solve or an opportunity to seize. But how would God have us view death? Pastor Les teaches us how to see death as an opportunity to celebrate life, lament our loss and trust God.