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Learning to Love Enough to Care

March 27, 2022

It’s God’s love that motivated Him to give His Son so that we could receive salvation, peace, hope and purpose through Him alone. It’s that same love that God wants to fill each of us with until it is released as genuine care for the lives and eternities of others. How does He do this? In a variety of the most simple, everyday ways that everyone can experience, if we’re willing. This talk reveals the simple opportunities God offers to join Him in loving people to Jesus.

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Your Intersection Invitation

When most people hear the word "evangelism" they immediately become anxious. Yet most all followers of Jesus want others in their lives to know the joy, peace and freedom that only comes through a personal, saving relationship with Him. This series is an invitation to see living and sharing the Good News of Jesus in a new way. It’s God’s invitation to partner with Him in the most simple, daily and doable ways. No scripts to memorize. No forced conversations. Just discovering the intersecting opportunities all around us.


You're Invited

Our daily lives are made-up of a series of intersections with others, where God is in the midst, ready and willing to leverage the moment for His purposes! However, even for the most sincere among us, we often miss out on those divine encounters due to distraction or apprehension. This talk will help us move from opportunity to invitation, by giving us practical insights for keeping our eyes, ears and mouths open to the needs of the world around us.