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Wise, Wicked & Foolish
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Learning the Rules of the Relationship Road

August 2, 2020

One thing all human beings have in common are relationships. Some are good, some not so good, and many we wish were better. The other thing we have in common is that we rarely realize that relationships take work and require wisdom. In this message, we will explore the world of our relationships with God and one another, with the hope of gaining practical insight to apply to all of our relationships.

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8 Laws of Relationships

Like driving on a highway, all of our lives have various “relationship lanes” that if recognized and respected, result in fruitful, enjoyable relationships. Unfortunately knowing the rules of the relationship road ourselves, does not ensure that others do or are willing to relate by the rules of wisdom, respect or compassion. However, knowing the laws of relationships expressed in the life and ministry of Jesus is our starting point for healthy, safe, enduring relationships.


Our Relationship Counselor

Relationships can be enriching, complex, confusing and at times even dangerous. We all need relationship help. God knows this and has provided the same help that Jesus depended on. Jesus had a counselor named the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and has given Him to us as our Relationship Counselor. As we receive His instruction, He leads us to be aware of three primary categories of people: Wise/Foolish/Wicked and teaches us how to relate to each safely and wisely.


The Drama Free Life

It seems these days that most relationships are complicated and filled with drama. Does it have to be like that or is there a better way? In this message, we’ll discover what mature, healthy relationships look like and how to find them.