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Kingdom Authority
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Kingdom Authority - It's Source

June 3, 2018

What place does authority have in our lives? For a follower of Jesus it should have the primary place because following Him is about learning to live under His loving authority and about extending His authority in our world. In this first of the Kingdom Authority series, we’ll discover who has authority, who shouldn’t and why.

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Kingdom Authority - It’s Recovery

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden they lost the authority and position He had given them. Learn the steps Jesus took to recover this authority and why it matters for our daily lives. You’ll learn that Jesus demonstrates the ideal pattern for us as we journey to become mature expressers of God’s Kingdom Reign.


Why Exercise Your Authority?

When a person decides to follow Jesus, they have a target placed on their spiritual back. “But,” some might say, “can’t I just sit on the sidelines of this spiritual battle?” The answer? No. This talk with cover 7 reasons why a believer should and must exercise the authority Jesus has given us.


How To Exercise Your Kingdom Authority

Learn the “how to’s” of exercising God’s Kingdom Authority in daily life. Exercising authority isn’t complicated but it does take practice only gained in real time spiritual war. May the revelation you receive in this talk equip you to fully exercise your authority with confidence and impact.