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Peace on Earth
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Introducing the Prince of Peace

December 17, 2017

If you were believing in a God who was not really God, would you want to know? Too often we see God through the lens of our own desires, wounds or experiences. Christmas is all about introducing us to God, the only God who is God. You are invited in this talk to meet God, perhaps for the first time, as the Prince of Peace!

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World in Pieces

How can peace on earth be a reality in a world in pieces? The angels announcing Jesus birth to the shepherds declared God's "peace on earth" but where is it? Peace on earth can be a reality but not the same peace the world is searching for.


Peace is Possible

Although our world is “in pieces” God has promised peace in, through and above any and all circumstances to all who would trust Him. The result? Peace with God, with others and with ourselves.