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I AM the Good Shepherd

March 23, 2014

Full Series


I AM Here for Good

The Apostle John wrote the Gospel of John with one goal in mind - recounting Jesus' life and teachings so that all who read may believe in Him and by believing experience the most incredible Life imaginable. This Life is often missed by most because of a wrong view of who Jesus really is. I AM Here for your Good is the first talk about the 8 statements Jesus makes about Himself which, if we'll believe, have the power to transform our lives.


I AM the Gate

In Palestine, in Jesus day, the death of a shepherd meant disaster, but in the Kingdom of God, the Life, Care and Death of the Great Shepherd means LIFE. Discover the true nature of Jesus actually being the Gate and the life-altering difference this can make in each one of us.


I AM the Bread of Life


I AM the Light of the World

Some people change their ways when they see the light, others only when they feel the heat. Listening to this message has the potential of shining profound light on our lives and providing a new and clearer way to leave all spiritual darkness behind!


I AM the True Vine

Learn how Jesus gives the secret to living a fruitful life: Staying connected with the Vine. The often painful process of pruning will be explained in way that helps us welcome the process.


I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life

The world's religions involve people reaching out to God, but Jesus stands out in all of history in His declaration that God is reaching out to us. Learn how to experience Jesus: God's Way, Truth and Life and the transformation knowing HIM brings to our existence.


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Unpacks God’s plan for the rescue of every person on planet earth through His Son’s profound death and powerful resurrection. How can you experience Life after death and new life right now? Listen and discover it’s easier than you thought.