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Not By Sight
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How's Your Faith?

July 11, 2021

Scripture encourages Christians to live “by faith and not by sight.” But what exactly does that mean? In this message, we’ll unpack the Biblical definition of faith and how we can rely more fully on things we can’t see.

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Access to Peace

We’re all on a search for peace and we look almost anywhere to find it - regardless of the cost. Unfortunately, most things in this life won’t bring us peace, but one thing can - faith in Jesus.


Built by Doubt

Doubt is a normal part of life, but we often aren’t sure how to deal with it. In many cases, we let it weigh us down, we ignore it, or worse yet, we weaponize it. But there’s a better way to deal with it - a way that will actually allow doubt to strengthen your faith.


The Flywheel of Faith

When it comes to our faith journey, one of the hardest things to see clearly is the supernatural work of God. What do we do with miracles? Maybe we hope for them. Maybe we explain them away. Maybe we’ve never seen one. In this message, we’ll discover the unseen meaning of miracles and how God uses them to grow our faith.