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Six Ways to Wreck Your Life
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How to Ruin Your Sex Life

October 1, 2017

We ruin our sex life by hiding the things we feel like we can't talk about. Listen as we hear from Pastor Mike on how to embrace Kingdom Sexuality.

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How to Make Stupid Choices

Stupid choices are incredible easy to make - almost like we make them by default. Did you know asking a simple, powerful question before making choices in your own life can change everything?


How to Hate Your Life

Do you love your life? Most people want to, but don’t. Why? The answer is right in front of us but can seem impossible to see. This talk will clearly show a person how to HATE their life or . . .by a simple, ongoing choice discover they can actually love it!


How to Drift from God

Anyone who has been caught in a strong current or fell asleep on an air mattress in the ocean knows how startling it can be to find out how far it’s taken them from where they want to be. In How to drift from God you’ll discover drifting is even easier than you think and more damaging than you imagine.


How to Become an Addict

It’s all too easy to become trapped by addictions - they come in varieties to entice almost everyone. Learn from Pastor Mike Ballard as he shares how to become truly free from the grip of addiction and about the freeing power of humility in the process. SARCASM ALERT - The video at the beginning of this message is intended to get you to think more deeply about the insidious nature of addiction. We would never actually suggest you do the things mentioned in it. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, please contact our <a href="https://discoverlifegate.com/ministries/care/">Care Department</a> for available groups to help overcome addiction. <a href="mailto:care@discoverlifegate.com">care@discoverlifegate.com</a> 402.330.5724 x3406


How to Kill a Friendship

One of the most important and yet overlooked realities of life is that our friends have some of the greatest influence on who we are and what our future will be like. With the hopes of helping us get serious about friendship, this talk will focus on the two most important marks of a good friend: Presence and Openness.


Living Beyond the Wreck

If we hope to have life after our “wrecks,” we must look to the life of Jesus. There is no other way to live beyond the wreck. In this message, we’ll explore the path Jesus lays out for us, which will not only lead us to eternal life in the future, but also to abundant life in the here and now. We hope this message inspires you to follow the Way of Jesus in order to live a wreck-free life!