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How to Act Your Wage

February 19, 2017

Some people are really good with money and others aren’t. One of the most important things a person can do to be free from a life of “never enough” is to simply live within their means or act their wage. But, how does a person do this? This talk lays out 10 tried and true steps leading out of a Strapped life to one that is Unstrapped that everyone can understand and apply.

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A Godly Perspective On Money

People see money in various ways but almost everyone believes they don’t have enough of it. This first talk in the Unstrapped series addresses the biggest reason behind “not enough” and invites those tuning in on a journey over the next 4 weeks toward: freedom from never enough. Do you serve money or does it serve you? Find out as this talk invites you to consider A Godly Perspective On Money!


The Buck Starts Here

Does God really care that much about money? Listen as Pastor Mike Hintz shares God’s view on money, saving and investing from the perspective of an ant.


How to Cut Off and Keep Off the Straps

An unstrapped life is a life filled with the freedom from never enough. It’s not rocket science but it does involve simple, consistent steps of obedience that God responds to with His power to unstrap our finances. This talk invites us to follow God’s ancient call and wisdom to put Him first in our finances by putting Him to the test. Not sure what this means? Watch and find out!