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Hidden Treasure - Lasting Treasure

March 1, 2015

Hidden treasure! Sunken treasure! Treasure hunt! There’s just something attractive about real treasure to us as human beings, especially if it can be MINE! Treasure usually represents something of great worth and something we value so much that we are willing to sacrifice for it.  Discover what Jesus has to say about treasure that lasts, cannot be destroyed or taken away. All of us are in pursuit of something or someone we treasure and this talk helps us see if it’s worth the pursuit.

Full Series


Getting Honest about Seagull Syndrome

“Hey, that’s mine!” This is a statement all of us have made from our earliest years. We focus on what’s “mine” we fight for what’s “mine” and we guard what’s “mine.” This series is all about our grip, what we are holding on to tightly and what or who is holding on to us!


Mastering Money

Have you ever gone to a store looking for something you needed and discovered something else you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it, and then . . . you bought it? What we look at is a powerful part of our lives! Jesus' teachings help us to see that there is actually a spiritual dimension to money and that we have role vital role to play in what spirit will rest on our money. Intrigued?  Take a listen and you might begin to see things in a whole new way!


How I keep what's MINE -- HIS

Tithing is God’s historic method of delivering His followers from our endless tendency to want life to revolve around what’s MINE. What actually happens when I tithe? This talk cuts through the deception of Mammon and shows us how God uses our willingness to tithe to break hell’s grip and populate heaven!