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Greater Glory Conference 2016
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Greater Sacrifice

January 19, 2016

When we begin our relationship with Jesus, we are invited to walk alongside Him in joy, healing and even in His suffering. Discover that we are encouraged to sacrificially give up our wants and desires so that we can become less and can experience more of Him in us.

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Greater Love

Have you ever thought, “If only I could love God more, then maybe…” The truth is God cares for us regardless of our effort. His desire is that we would allow Him to establish His love as our identity and He invites us to embrace His Greater Love. Discover that as we learn to embrace His love towards us, we’ll learn how to reciprocate His love back.


Greater Boldness

Have you realized that there is a bold work God wants to do through you? Discover that as you set aside time with Jesus, pray for boldness and step into boldness, He will give you strength and favor that will leave others astonished.


Greater Power

When Jesus walked the earth, what gave him the power to see the sick healed and lives changed? Discover that through faith, prayer and persistence we can experience a life of wholeness and healing.