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Taking Jericho
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God's Proven Strategy for Victory - Part 2

September 21, 2014

This is the second part of God’s 7 fold Jericho taking strategy. Discover the counterintuitive way God led His people to victory in the face of impossible odds and is still leading all who are willing, to His victory today.

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Keeping Focused in the Fight

Focus determines out come is the subject of this first talk in the Taking Jericho series. God had a Promised Land for the Israelites and He has a Promised LIFE for those who choose to follow His Son. Because Satan knows that focus will determines your outcome, he tries to deceive and distract you but learn God’s method for staying focused and realizing His promised Life.


The Base Before the Battle

The Israelites quickly realized the land God promised was theirs but, only if they were willing to actively claim each part of the land. The same is true of those who choose to follow Jesus. You don’t have His promises until you possess them by faith. Before battle God sets up a base of operations to advance from. This talk will cover the first of 4 base camp essentials needed for realizing the promised land and God’s promised Life.


The Base Before the Battle - Part 2

Did you know God is never in a hurry, but He’s never late? People are are often frustrated with what appear to be God’s “delays” but in the end find what He does during them always produces more than our haste. This talk covers the 2nd and 3rd base camp essentials needed to consistently take the Jerichos you will face in life.


On the Way to Jericho

“No shirt, no shoes, no service” is a sign you might have seen in the front of a business trying to uphold a standard of cleanliness and order. God also has a specific requirement in order for us to be able to enjoy a Great Feast He has prepared for us. This talk will cover it as our last of 4 Base Before Battle essentials.


God's Proven Strategy for Victory

Jericho represents anything that stands between you and the promises of God. All of us have our Jerichos: those things that make our future progress; hope, healing and freedom seem impossible. This week in the Jericho series we leave Gilgal - Base Camp and advance to the city of Jericho. Listen and learn God's timeless strategy to take your personal Jericho.


Getting to the Promised Land


Exposing Self Sabotage

Israel's first victory in the promised land, was marred by an act of treason in the Jericho campaign that led to the death of 36 of Israel's soldiers in their vain attempt to take the second city promised to them by God. Joshua's investigation uncovered an act of sabotage by one of God's own people! Discover the self-sabotage that keeps many and may be keeping you from ever fully experiencing God's promised Life and blessing.