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Invitation to Hope
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God's Offer of Hope for Today

April 12, 2020

This is the first Easter of our lifetime where we are unable to come together to celebrate. We distance ourselves socially, wash our hands, wear gloves and masks, but people are still getting sick. Is there hope? This talk is a personal invitation from God to find Eternal Hope through His risen Son for life today and for life after life after death!

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Hope for Tomorrow

We often think the end of the Christian story is a place called heaven, where we experience life in the clouds with Jesus. And while heaven is an important part of our journey with Jesus, it’s actually not the end of the story. In this message, we’ll learn about the true place that Jesus came to invite all the world to receive.


The Meal, the Memory, and the Meaning

As we reflect on Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world, we can sometimes feel guilt and shame over our sinful condition. But, in His last supper with His disciples, Jesus was attempting to help us see more than our guilt, but His love.invi